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In presenting in presenting this playbook for anchor collaboratives, our hope is to elevate this powerful opportunity to activate the resources and assets of anchor institutions in service of more equitable, thriving local economies. The challenges before us are systemic in nature and moving systems require courage to challenge the status quo and shift mindsets, implement bold and intentional solutions collaboratively, and make long-term, institutional commitments that center racial and economic equity. By offering anchor mission strategies as a framework for action, and by outlining success factors for anchor collaboratives, we have provided here what we believe is a practical, values-aligned playbook for equitable economic development that can be applied and adapted to fit the unique needs and circumstances of communities across the country.
We also know that anchor collaboratives are a nascent, under-resourced, and understudied approach to equitable economic development, and are now only beginning to see the possibilities of what can happen when multiple institutions begin to work together in partnership with their communities. Only by championing and sustaining these complex, place-based efforts over the long term can we fully understand the impact of such partnerships and practices in redressing systemic disinvestment and discrimination and realizing a just and fair economy in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. 
Whether as a health system or other local anchor institution, funder, community partner, economic development practitioner or policymaker, you have a role to play in realizing a successful anchor collaborative in your community. Activate resources and work alongside like-minded partners who share your commitment to driving positive change and addressing deep rooted inequities in our communities!
  • Explore the Healthcare Anchor Network member directory to find healthcare systems in your area already implementing anchor mission strategies. 
  • Browse the resource library for further inspiration and insight from community development practitioners.
  • Find out if there's an anchor collaborative in your community, first by checking the methods for a full list of collaboratives referenced in this playbook.
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